New Dismissal Procedures for Running Club

Beginning next Wednesday, November 3, we will implement a new dismissal procedure for Running Club. 

At approximately 3:10, we will begin directing students to enter the gym through the side door. Inside the gym, students will sit next to their backpacks and wait for parents/guardians to check them out. 

Parents/guardians can check their students out by forming a line outside the front gym doors (closest to the carpool lane and parking lot) and showing their carpool tags to the volunteers or teachers posted at the door. Parents must show their carpool tags in order to pick up their children! 

PARENTS – PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE GYM as you wait on your child! A teacher or volunteer will call your child’s name for them to exit the gym. 

If you do not have a carpool tag, you can order one by going to the school’s website ( and clicking on “Order Carpool Tag.” 

We still have teacher volunteers who will escort walkers and YEP students to their respective locations. This change only affects students who are picked up from Running Club. 

Please let us know if you have questions about this new procedure!