Dismissal Form


We are so excited about the 2021-2022 Running Club season! At approximately 3:10, we will begin directing students off the track and toward the field where they have stacked their backpacks. Parents must bring their carpool tag to their child’s area and pick up their child. Do not ask your child to walk across a busy parking lot by him/herself. A parent/guardian must retrieve every child from the field! 

YOU MUST PICK UP YOUR CHILD BY 3:15. If you are more than five minutes late picking up your child more than once, your child will not be allowed to return to Running Club this year. 

If you choose to allow your child to walk or ride a bike home from Running Club, be aware that there are NO crossing guards available to escort students across the street. If you choose to have your child walk home, indicate that in the box below. Note: No student will be permitted to cross Youree Drive. These students MUST be retrieved by a parent. 

Please print and complete the bottom portion of this pdf file: Dismissal Form for Running Club and return it to your child’s teacher. (A paper version will also be sent home.)